CHRIS SALAMONE born in Ellis Island, New York, Chris Salamone is a well-knownAttorney, entrepreneur, lecturer, social worker, and author. Having over two decades of adeptness in the legal domain, Chris Salamone heaves his expertise in driving Chris M. Salamone & Associates, as Chief Executive Officer. Chris M. Salamone & Associates is a private legal practice situated in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. The law practice is one of the most trusted organizations that aim at freeing people who are wrongly convicted and arrested in criminal offenses in Boca Raton. Representing this firm, Chris has counseled wide-ranging clientele in his extensive career, representing large corporations, high-level executives, proficient athletes, well-known people, and the general public from eclectic backgrounds. Subsequently, he started practicing in a law firm.


Chris Salamone’s recent publication is Rescue America- Our Best America is Only One Generation Away, which he co-authored with Gilbert Morris, a graduate of Oxford Brooks University owning degrees in law and political science.Gilbert has also studied at Oxford and London School of Economics. Rescue America is the concatenation of the works of two studios persons – Chris and Gilbert – specialized in law and political science respectively. They have talked about what is essential to rescue the nation from its current gloom. This book talks about bringing positive change in the country, showing concern about the social trends in the society. Chris Salamone writes straight from the heart. He wants people to become industrious like they were before instead of whining seeking entitlements.


Chris Salamone, President of Salamone’s studio,hasa studio setup dedicated to the art of recording, mixing, and controlling and customizes music for you. The studio has been engineering and producing musical projects with high quality audio recording for the last 18 yearsfor artists or bands such as Hootie and the Blowfish, Vince Gill, Leroy Parnell, and Reba McIntire. Salamone’s Recording Studio has been servicing the Washington D. C. region for more than eleven years. Salamone’s Studio, managed by Leroy Parnell and John Starling of Seldom Scenealong with Chris Salamone, is one of the best recording studios in the USA.


The key ingredient of success is leadership personality. Such a person is also known as a rebel, world changer, innovator, risk taker, and workhorse. Chris Salamone is acelebrated professional in the USA with leadership attributes such as gratefulness, personal responsibility, and sacrifice. He is an effective leader and entrepreneur who has more than two decades of experience in legal services who has served a wide range of clients from different backgrounds including organizations, individuals, and professional athletes. According to his statement shared in the book Rescue America, “the most important trait of a leader is honesty, and the biz and its staffs mirror a leader.” As a result, everybody in the team follows an ethical behavior.