Chris Salamone’s recent publication is Rescue America- Our Best America is Only One Generation Away, which he co-authored with Gilbert Morris, a graduate of Oxford Brooks University owning degrees in law and political science.Gilbert has also studied at Oxford and London School of Economics. Rescue America is the concatenation of the works of two studios persons – Chris and Gilbert – specialized in law and political science respectively. They have talked about what is essential to rescue the nation from its current gloom.

This book talks about bringing positive change in the country, showing concern about the social trends in the society. Chris Salamone writes straight from the heart. He wants people to become industrious like they were before instead of whining seeking entitlements.

The focus here on the founding fathers is inspiring, innovative, and domineering. The ideas explained in this book are also applicable in other areas of our lives and to people regardless of region. With great lessons and examples, everyone could benefit from reading this book.

Chris Salamone centers on his strong belief “America is only one generation away from new heights of greatness” and the declining level of society that is marked by a spirit of privilege in conjunction with leadership. Chris and Morris discuss the misses in the current political and economic conditions, and other cultural problems.Mr. Salamone stresses on the key components of a successful life: gratitude, personal responsibility, and sacrifice.The book reminds us of these leadership qualities that are important to every ongoing institution.

USA’s fundamental values and the leadership qualities that expressed them made it a supreme nation on the planet. Millions of people across the world migrate to America for the assurance of hope, opportunities, and freedom not found elsewhere. Upon this undisputable premise, Rescue America bridges the gap between the losses of the country’s founding values and the present political, economic, and traditional issues.

Read this book and it will change your perception about the condition of this great nation. Chris offers some remedies for its shaky economy,and moves you to act on it and involve yourself in crafting the solution.

Rescue America became the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book.

Greenleaf Book Group Press
October 17, 2011
Paperback, 204 pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-60832-141-4.

Rescue America Book by Chris Salamone & Gilbert Morris
Rescue America Book by Chris Salamone